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ABS Module

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    Used Transmissions

    Transmissions will be complete including the torque converter for all automatic transmissions.

    Deals and Offers

    1. We make sure transmission shifts good and bearings are good.
    2. Transmissions will be inspected visually for oil leaks and it does not smoke
    They say don’t jump to hasty conclusions, however for this situation, you need to. The body of a vehicle is exceptionally recounting the historical backdrop of the vehicle except if it’s had body work. The thought is to search for indications of harm that came about because of a crash. On the off chance that you notice the vehicle has had minor body work done, this isn’t an issue. Nonetheless, in the event that you notice a great deal of body work, it could mean the vehicle was in a terrible mishap. If so, then, at that point, it’s conceivable the transmission might have been harmed, as well.
    Crushing Noises. One of the more normal side effects of transmission inconvenience is a crushing commotion that happens during moving. Burning smell of fluids. Transmission liquid frequently smells horrible or somewhat different Transmission Warning Light. Deferred Shifting. Transmission Fluid Leak
    We will do the above tests and make sure the bearings are good and ship the transmission.